Managed Service (Unlimited IT Service + Maintenance + Monitoring)

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A Cloud (RMM) Remote Monitored and Managed Solution 

$50/computer per month or save @ $500 per year.  
Discounts may be available for multible computers and when including cloud storage.  Please contact us for free consultation and estimte.

Let us take care of everything! Not only do we guarantee that your endpoints will be malware free, we also take care of regular maintenance to ensure that your computer is always working at top efficiency! Any issues detected by our system monitor application are automatically reported to a technician who will investigate and fix them for you!  All and any support labor for remote repairs or in shop are covered at no additional costs.  


 Service Plan Features:

  • Anti-virus software included.
  • Unlimited IT services (support for break/fix, virus removal, connected printers & devices, Email and network)
  • Unlimited remote, at our tech shop or on site as needed
  • Same or next day / 24 hour response service (priority expedited service)
  • Unlimited Tune-up service as needed (removal of temp & junk files) Program updates (Java, Adobe Ect)

Proactive Maintenance Service Plan Features:  (performed without remote access or interuptions)

  • Automated Windows OS Patch Management (installs and ensures your OS updates are installed without interruptions in the background) (daily)
  • Automated removal of System Temp, Internet Temp and Browser Cache for all Users (Weekly)
  • Automated upgrades of all installed programs automatically in the background to new versions (no interruptions or remote takeover) (disables pesky taskbar popups)
  • Automated scan check and restore of corrupt system files (monthly)


Monitoring Features:  (we receive notifications)

  • Anti-virus (In the event your security is at risk or a problem is detected) 
  • Hardware  (alerts in the event hard drive is failing or system temp is too high)
  • Performance  (high memory usage, low RAM, high CPU usage , slow performance)
  • Network (if network usage is too high for a unusual long period of time) 


Help Desk:

  • Submit support tickets right from your PC task bar (you dont have to call us)
  • Remote support & assistance for end users.
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