Virus Removal

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This is a guarnteed fix backed by a 90 day warranty.  A virus scan alone will not repair or remove a root kit, most threats, malware or bogus software. We thoroughly inspect the OS and software manualy removing malware that anti-virus software are unable to detect and or remove.

90 day warranty.

Work Preformed:

Virus and Spyware Removal:
* All viruses and spyware are manually removed by tech and also by using speacial utilities designed for specific malware detected.

* A deep malware scan is performed to cleanup any left over traces or missed threats.
* Free Anti-Malware tool installed and computer is scanned. Removal of detected objects.

OS Repair:
* Repair of errors and damages caused by viruses.

* Removal of bogus unwanted programs and toolbars.

* Restore default internet settings and repair hijacked web browsers.

Dust Removal
* Dust can cause hardware failures. All dust from internal and external components are cleaned.



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