Managed Service (Unlimited Remote IT Service + Maintenance)

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$30/computer per month or  $360 per year   No Long Term Commitments or Contract required

This Tech505 service plan includes unlimited remote & in shop drop off repair service

  • Anti-virus software included.
  • Unlimited service available remotely or drop off at our tech shop 
  • Unlimited tune-up service as needed (removal of temp & junk files) Program updates (Java, Adobe Ect)
  • Free diagnostics remote or drop off at tech shop.  No On-Site Travel Fees


Unlimited Remote IT Support

  • Printers (Installations & Support)
  • Servers (Active Directory Management, Backup Monitoring, SQL & Software)
  • Network (Router, Firewall, VPN, WiFi Access Points, Security Cameras & Smart Devices)
  • Software (Quickbooks, SQL database business based program support) 
  • Email (Office365 & Outlook)


Included is a proactive maintenance and optimization service to help keep your computer operating at best performance. 


Security Service Plan Features:

  • OS optimization and performance tweaks
  • Web browser cleaning (Remove pesky toolbars, browser hijacks and extensions)
  • Removal of potentially unneeded and bogus software (PUPs)
  • Optional Network DNS security - protects your OS connecting the internet behind your IP address against advanced threats and malicious web access.


Proactive Maintenance Service Plan Features: 

  • Automated Windows OS Patch Management (installs and ensures your OS updates are installed without interruptions in the background) (daily)
  • Automated removal of System Temp, Internet Temp and Browser Cache for all Users (Weekly)
  • Automated upgrades of installed programs automatically in the background to new versions (no interruptions or remote takeover) (disables pesky taskbar popups)


Help Desk:

  • Phone Support 
  • Submit support tickets right from your PC task bar (you dont have to call us)
  • Remote diagnostics, trouleshooting & repairs


If in the event we cannot repair or remove a infection. We will restore your OS and data and help you reset it up. 


Terms and Conditions

  • Malware guarantee does not include paying for data held for ransom. However a backup solution or cloud storage service would protect your data from being held for ransom.
  • Online listed pricing is meant as an estimate only and may change at our discretion. Prices are tailored to fit your organization.  


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