Windows or Mac OS X Reinstall with DATA

SKU: OS Install & DATA

If your computer requires the operating system to be restored, or you just want to restore it like new again, We go the extra mile by also setting it up for you. This includes plugging in all the wires, reinstalling your printer, installing all Windows  /Mac updates, Installing required software such as Java, Adobe Reader and Flash player, software and anti-virus  and most important - restore your data and settings.Windows OS or Mac OS installed. Drivers and updates are installed. At your request:     * Reinstall all Software - such as MS Office, eMail software, QuickBooks or any other software provided.     * Reinstall, Setup and transfer your Email and settings.     * Format partition and install. Setup like a new PC. Data and settings restored.     * Upgrade Windows or Mac OS All Data is backed up and restored to default locations or to customer provided media 

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